Puzzling Pixel Games – Contest


It’s Contest time!

Do you want to win a board game? Each week until the launch of our KS campaign, we will be giving away some new, random board and card games.

We have an upcoming Kickstarter campaign for our first game, The Abandons! We feel it’s an appropriate time to start the contests!

What do you have to do? Sign up for our newsletter at the link below!

  1. Sign up for our newsletter here –¬†You must consent to receiving electronic communications, ¬†provide a valid email address and your name. Don’t worry, we don’t send out too many emails. We’re using mailchimp, you can always opt-out. Also this ONLY for US residents and people.
  2. When we select the winner, we’re going to use our own internal means of tallying up points for potential winners and randomizations. We don’t feel comfortable using external systems that potentially could get access to your data at this time. We may vet 3rd party applications in the future to handle this, so bear with us while we take care of this grassroots style. When we select a winner, you must still either be on our email/newsletter list or like our page on IG/FB and/or follow us on Twitter.
  3. We will reach out to the winners – granted you left us good contact info! You will have 3 days to get back to us with your address. If your address is not supplied in time, we will choose another winner.
  4. If we don’t have enough entrants, we’ll roll the current week’s games into another week.

More rules (oh boy): We can’t be connected personally or even acquaintances. You must not be someone that’s reviewing our upcoming game. THIS CONTEST IS FOR CONTINENTAL US RESIDENTS ONLY. We’re only going to ship to US mailing addresses; no PO boxes/ no AP/FPO Military, no Alaska or Puerto Rico (but it’s a great game). We reserve the right to ship via the most economical means to us (USPS likely). We reserve the right to cancel the contest at any time or change the title(s) if need be. We are under no obligation to reveal how we choose our winners. Must be aged 18+. You must not be associated in the production of our games in any way or Puzzling Pixel Games. There must be at least 30 between the mailing list and social media page likes/follows. You can only win a game once per the entirety of our pre-campaign giveaways for The Abandons. And as always, we will NOT SELL YOUR DATA TO ANYONE!

Week 1 Results:

We didn’t have enough entrants! We’re rolling the contest into next week.

Week 1: Giveaways – Hanabi and Clomping Creatures

Week 2: Hababi, Compling Creatures and another HABA children’s game, Mix & match Robbers!