The Abandons – Labyrinth Escape Card Game


Solitaire labyrinth escape!

In The Abandons, you start at the entrance to the abandoned, yet living labyrinth and hope to make it to the final card, the exit, by drawing a card each turn and navigating your way to the end, the exit. Along the way, you may encounter surprises or items to help you. But don’t run into a dead end, because you might just end up dead!


The Living Labyrinth Calls!

Equipped with your trusty satchel and your sense of adventure, you follow the voice through the countryside and encounter the ominous structure. What is this place? You realize it’s this structure, this…place…that’s been calling you, The Abandons.

In The Abandons, you alone, will traverse the twists and turns of the labyrinth. Throughout your journey, you’ll be aided by item cards and choice cards, or will you encounter a collapse and have to start from the beginning? Will you make it out alive or will you hit your last dead end?

The Abandons


  • Solo game – you don’t need to stress out finding other people to play with. Start playing right away!
  • Quick setup and breakdown
  • Portable and easy to carry around yet the game grows as you play!
  • Combine as many sets of the game as you want to increase the difficulty. Show us how good you are by sending in your hi-scores and we may post your score on our leader board
  • The art for The Abandons is inspired by a popular retro video game series

RPG Tool:

The Abandons also doubles as a dungeon generator tool for RPG’s! If you play Dungeons and Dragons or just about any other RPG or story adventure, use The Abandons as a path or dungeon generation tool for your games!

The Abandons


The Abandons art


  • 50 cards
  • Rule book



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