It's a race to guess your secret card!

Put your deduction skills to the test in the family-friendly card game, Concluzio! Race against your opponents and be the first player to correctly guess your secret clue card. Use logic and reasoning to correctly figure out the shape, number, and color of your secret card. Tension and panic will set in as players acquire more cards, signaling that someone is close to coming to a conclusion. Will you take a risk and guess early? Or will you acquire more cards to make your guess more certain? If you guess correctly, you win! If you’re wrong, you’re out!



  • Race against the other players and be the first player to correctly guess your secret clue card
  • Easy to play, fun and simple – Concluzio is a short and sweet game that you can play over and over in one sitting
  • Family-friendly – Easy to ready cards and bright colors make Concluzio accessible for everyone
  • Portable – Concluzio is a portable game – toss it in your bag or purse and have it handy
  • Optional player powers – Use the optional 4 player abilities to change the game
  • Color-blind friendly – Secret cards include a color identifier in the bottom corner to help those that are color-blind
  • AGES: 8+
  • PLAYING TIME: 15 minutes


  • 54 clue cards (49 clue cards, 4 ability cards, 1 reference card)
  • Rules sheet

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