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Below you will find assets for use by the press. Altering of any assets is prohibited.

Company Logos:

We have two different logos. A round “badge,” which you’ll more commonly find on our product, and a long-form logo. If you are writing a story for an audience who may not be familiar with the hobby board game market, you should consider using the long-form logo with the company name. Click on either of the logos below to get a zip file that contains different variations of our logo (color, black-and-white, different sizes, formats, etc.). If you are publishing something in print, please be sure to use the PDF files as the PNG’s may not be a hi-enough resolution.

Logo badge
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Long-Form Logo
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Mike Schroeder
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Mike Schroeder has been a hobbyist board gamer for over 10 years. He comes from an IT software and web development background. Mike grew up mostly playing video games, but, he hopes to bring those positive memories from his golden age of video-gaming into the board game market! For a couple of years now Mike has been dabbling in digital art and design and lends his skills to the games we publish. Mike resides in Lewiston (near Niagara Falls and Buffalo) with his beautiful wife and 4 young children (and the dog).


About the company:

Puzzling Pixel Games is a board and card game publisher based in Lewiston, NY. 

Motto: “Games that fit your life.”

We strive to publish games that can fit all walks of life. Our mission is to have our games on everyone’s table. We purposely make games that are easy to learn and play but not easy to master. 

Game assets:

You can download a zip file that contains misc. assets and a press release for each game.

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