Our statement on recent events

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a bad year. First, we had (and still very much have) COVID-19. Then people I have known since my childhood have passed on. Then to make matters worse, we had the murder of George Floyd and other people of color. The world has now spilled into chaos.

The amount of despair, hate, and vitriol for our fellow human beings has made me sick. Since the murder of George Floyd and the hateful divide surrounding his murder, I have had trouble sleeping. I’ve shed tears of both sadness and disbelief. I have been contemplating what to say for some time. I am not the best with words nor do I want to spit out a canned response that seems dismissive. I want to speak from my heart on the matter. But this isn’t about me… This about those have been enslaved and persecuted since arriving on the shores of the New World – It’s about our black brothers and sisters.

While we can’t change the past, we can and we MUST strive to do better. That should go without saying. But sadly, for some sick individuals, there still needs to be ‘saying’. I was raised to love my neighbor, to love and respect everyone. To me, it doesn’t matter what color you are; what matters to me is your heart – your character. I try to teach my children the same way. There is no denying that the world is a frightening place right now – but what we can deny are racism and hate. We should strive to welcome everyone at our tables. There can be no other way.

My message: If you are a divisive person who thrives on the pain of others – we ask that you spend time introspectively and come back when your heart is open and your mind is awake. Puzzling Pixel Games stands in solidarity with peaceful protesters seeking to bring equality to the black men, women, and children who have gone without for far too long. We play tabletop games. Everyone is welcome at our table. We cannot fathom living any other way. I want you to know that regardless of your skin color, your religion, your gender, or who you choose to love and share your life with – there will always be room at our game table for you.