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The Abandons Box Prototype

Have you ever felt like someone was calling you but nobody was there? A voice deep within the crevices of your mind that you typically give little attention. You felt that voice this morning, but this time, it was clear – it was calling you! The voice became loud enough to gnaw at your sanity yet it’s manageable enough that you’ve been able to bury it.

Time seemed to move in slow-motion, mostly due to the eerie voice. What is it saying? It can’t be real. Frustrated, you keep working. Even with the lingering storm clouds ready to unleash a torrent of rain and thunder over the land, you fight that possibility and continue. 

Towards the end of the day you hit a breaking point. You need to clear your head. The storm clouds are passing, it looks like a great time for a walk to the countryside. You run to your home and grab your satchel, which contains some odds and ends. As you start moving west towards the setting sun, you turn around to face your home, possibly for the last time. You don’t care. The need to escape is too much. The need to escape the voice is even greater. Yet, the need to follow the voice is consuming! You’re ready for an adventure. You’re ready for the unknown. Little do you realize, you may end up alone. Welcome to…THE ABANDONS!




The game:

The Abandons pits a single player against a unique labyrinth, each time they play. The game includes of a deck of cards that consists of labyrinth cards, fate, choice and item cards.

The Abandons is a light and compact game that can be played in as little as 5 minutes. We wanted a game that was extremely simple yet challenging to master, while being light on components and complexity. The Abandons is a press-your-luck game. You can choose the easiest route and burn through cards quicker, or you can try and press deeper into the labyrinth and beat your hi-score! We’re also going to be featuring a way for players to submit their photos to us of a completed game to show us their hi-scores. The scores will be displayed on our site for all to see.

Because the game is so fun and easy to set up and play, it’s easy to get addicted and keep on playing round after round in one sitting. The Abandons is light and compact so it’s easy to pack it in your bag and bring it around with you. And because the game is solitaire, you don’t have to stress out about finding a gaming partner – we realize how difficult it is to try and get people together with varying schedules.

The game is extremely simple – a labyrinth card that you just played may or may not give you an option of a path to take. Those paths indicate how many cards you flip from the draw deck. If you choose a path that has 2 card icons, you flip the first card and put it in the discard and then draw a second card, that 2nd card is the one you must lay down, adjacent to the path you decided to take. If you run into a dead end, you may be in trouble. You are allowed to go back to the last played intersection to see if you have an opening to continue on, if not, game over! There will be other cards that will affect game play and cards that will help you along the way.

About the designer:

Michael ‘Dmitri’ Blascoe is a game designer from Florida.  He spends his time doing medieval study and recreation, mainly in the Society for Creative Anachronism, and hopes to make historically-themed, educational games.  The Abandons is the finalized version of his first game, made in college.

*Game content is subject to change

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