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Oct 1, 2018

Lewiston, NY

Local Game Publisher Puzzling Pixel Games, in collaboration with Designer Robert Kerr, announces
a thrilling new board game entitled, A Note for Murder.

“A very mysterious note has been left at the entrance of Scotland Yard!
The contents are disturbing and cryptic at best. Only one thing is certain – it’s a Note for Murder! Racing to prevent a heinous crime and with very little to go on – Inspector LeStrade has enlisted the aid of Sherlock Holmes and his team of investigators. Will they piece it together in time, thwarting the deadly plot? Or will it be too late?”

In A Note for Murder, players must piece together clues to deduce the identity of the murder suspect, decipher the murder weapon and exact the location where the fatal crime is set to take place. Each has unique knowledge pertaining to the murderous plan but there’s a catch! Even though you are working together – you alone want to take credit for solving the puzzle and preventing the crime. There’s not much time left, the game of murder is afoot!”

This fun and entertaining board game is designed for 2-4 players ages age 14+ with a total game play time of about 15 minutes making it fun, easy to learn and quick to play!

Creator Michael Schroeder is a talented Western New Yorker, Successful Kickstarter creator, Husband and Father of four.

“Board Games are my passion and it’s been great working with Robert Kerr on
this! He has a great attitude, brings great ideas to the table, and we’re really excited to bring this game to the market!” – Michael Schroeder

A Kickstarter campaign for A Note for Murder will be launching in March 2019.

More information on the game and its launch is available by contacting Puzzling Pixel Games directly. Contact information is as follows.

Michael Schroeder by email mike@puzzlingpixel.com, By Phone at (716) 514 – 9438 and online at https://puzzlingpixel.com

To keep up with A Note for Murder, follow us on social media @puzzlingpixel and join our mailing list. We will be posting more as the game develops.