Game Submissions

We are not accepting game submissions at this time. We will be eventually opening up submissions again. 

Are you a game designer with a game you’re ready to pitch?

If you’re a game designer that has a fully play-tested board or card game, we’d love to see it. Read our game submission guidelines on this page and fill out the submission form at the bottom of this page.

  • Preferably a 1-2 hours
  • Quick setup
  • Quick learning time
  • Purely solitaire games are welcome here!
  • Most importantly, your game should be fun; play tested A LOT, excite me, and be unique! What makes your game unique or original?
  • Playtesting – I expect your game to be blindly playtested and tested amongst groups. Friends and family are typically your first test but you need to quickly move beyond them and onto blind playtesting and testing groups. Friends and family don’t want to hurt your feelings – they will tell you anything they think you’ll want to hear. Blind playtesters will give you more of an objective and cold opinion of what they feel about your game, if anything is broken, etc.
  • Prefer games with some theme rather than purely abstract games, but it would be nice if you had some thought as to what theme would fit your game.
  • You must have a completed, near-completed, or finally polished rulebook; we don’t want to be guessing and fiddling around

What we’re not looking for

  • No super violent or gore in your games; no nudity or hypersexual themes (well you shouldn’t have any of this anyways as you’re presenting me with a prototype – leave the art to us)
  • Nothing about COVID or nothing COVID/disease-inspired. While we enjoy the game “Pandemic,” we feel that ship has sailed
  • No deck-builders at this time (we have one launching in 2022)
  • No satirical political games – especially ones that make fun of sitting political people
  • No games that mock or promote religious figures
  • No party games – unless it has a thematic hook to us (very rare)
  • No mini’s, no RPG’s (however, I’d love to see a board game in a book format)
  • No CCG/LCG or collectible games
  • No war-games (no big war games – if your game is a battle or war element, that’s fine)
  • Not a lot of dice, but a small amount is OK
  • Nothing video-game or computer game inspired (we have games like that in the works)

WE WILL NOT WORK WITH ANY GAME THAT’S CURRENTLY BEING DECIDED UPON BY ANOTHER PUBLISHER. Why? Because we’ll take our time looking and working with your game then you suddenly inform us that another publisher, to whom you previously submitted your game, has finally agreed to publish your game? That won’t do.

*Please note, that your contact info, email, and any other info you supply on this form will not be used in solicitations. The purpose of this form is strictly to communicate game submission data to us only.