Game Submissions

Are you a game designer with a game you’re ready to pitch?

If you’re a game designer that has a fully playtested board or card game, we’d love to see it. Read our game submission guidelines on this page and fill out the submission form at the bottom of this page.

What we’re looking for

Puzzling Pixel is currently looking for light card/board games. Because we are in our infancy, we want to keep funding goals (If we go KS) lower and more realistic, so your game has more of a chance of being produced. If we don’t go KS, we may go PnP/premium PnP if your game is suitable for that, or we may use a service such as The Game Crafter. It is our every intention and goal however, to shoot for the stars but being realistic – that means going to Kickstarter.

We expect your game to be play tested…a lot. We also expect your rules to be done to the point where you feel it doesn’t need any further refinement outside of layout and graphics. While we’re going to “develop” your game, we expect the you have the game designed and developed (play tested, refined, rinse and repeat). We can’t work on the rule book and fumble through the game with you to figure things out. We hope to see all the minute details and questions ironed out (except for the layout/presentation etc.).

We really hope that if we select your game, you’ll have a full prototype available to send to us. Don’t worry, we’ll send it back. While we will work with PnP files, we prefer not to.

WE WILL NOT WORK WITH ANY GAME THAT’S CURRENTLY BEING DECIDED UPON BY ANOTHER PUBLISHER. Why? Because we’ll take our time looking and working with your game then you suddenly inform us that another publisher, whom you previously submitted your game to, has finally agreed to publish you game? That won’t do

A bit about us (or really, me)

Puzzling Pixel started as a mobile app, web development and mobile game company. We/I moved away from doing software development because the market has become too crowded; especially with people that are willing to work for peanuts. My drive has also changed. I have become more and more interested in publishing and art (I also do digital art and I will likely do the art for your game).

I have been playing games in our hobby for over 10 years now and since 2010, I have been running the blog, Board Game Dialog ( and sometimes a podcast. I also have an eBook in the Amazon store called, “Beyond Monopoly: A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Board Games. I also ran an online retail store for gaming so I have some experience in that aspect as well.

If you can tell, the name Puzzling Pixel is more suited for electronic games. That love for electronic games still lives within me however.  I grew up on video games. I consider the golden age of video games to be the late 80’s into the early 90’s. I wish to capture some of that feeling in many of the games I’m looking to publish. I certainly am not restricting the company to only retro video game inspired games, but it will be a series of games.

Game Submission Guidelines

Currently, we are looking for lighter board and card games. Think no larger in scope, scale and complexity than Carcassonne. Please don’t send us game submissions that involve a lot of dice. Dice are expensive – especially when you are printing thousands.

  • Preferably an hour or less play time
  • 5 minutes or less setup
  • Prefer games that are 5+ . I can’t tell you how tired I am of seeing max 4 player games!
  • Would be nice if your game had a solo mode. Meaning it’s not a complex set of steps to play solo mode, or even 2-3 players. Your game should gracefully upgrade or downgrade players
  • Most importantly, your game should be fun; play tested A LOT; and excite me
  • Playtesting – I expect your game to be blindly play tested and tested amongst groups. Friends and family are typically your first test but you need to quickly move beyond them and onto blind play testing and testing groups. Friends and family don’t want to hurt your feelings – they will tell you anything they think you’ll want to hear. Blind play testers will give you more of a objective and cold opinion of what they feel about your game, if anything is broke, etc.
  • Prefer games with some theme rather than purely abstract games, but it would be nice if you had some thought as to what theme would fit your game.
  • You must have a completed, near completed or finally polished rulebook; we don’t want to be guessing and fiddling around

What we’re not looking for

  • No super violent or gore in your games; no nudity or hyper sexual themes (well you shouldn’t have any of this anyways as you’re presenting me with a prototype – leave the art to us)
  • No satirical political games – especially ones that make fun of sitting political people
  • No games that mock or promote religious figures
  • No party games – unless it has a thematic hook to us (very rare)
  • No mini’s, no RPG’s (however, I’d love to see a board game in a book format)
  • No CCG/LCG or collectible games
  • No abstracts
  • No war-games (no big war games – if your game as a battle or war element, that’s fine)
  • Not a lot of dice, if at any (at this time)
  • Not so keen on typical dungeon crawler’s that are heavily campaign driven

Some finer details

  • Will you get paid? Of course you will. The 20,000 feet plan is to pay rates for your design that are consistent with the hobby
  • Your name will be on the box
  • Our funding plans will typically include: funding a single print run of your game that includes getting games to backers as well as having copies to sell into retail through regular distribution channels and as well as our store, also having enough copies to send to reviewers and having spare parts on hand and importantly – paying you!
  • Our favorite themes tend to be: Train games, transportation games, typical euros; medieval, knights, castles, trade, economic; we do like space, but it’s not at the top of our list;
  • It’s important that you have a great attitude, are personable, have great communication and are willing to cooperate and work and we’ll get along fine and get your game published.

Disclaimer: any sending us your game (especially if you send us rules) you are saying that you are OK with doing so, and that you trust and we won’t take your design and run with it. This is your game but if you sign a contract with us and your Game is published by us, you are licensing ownership of the game to us for a specified amount of time. It is certainly possible that we have other games that we are working on that may be similar to your own, you must realize that. All we can do is promise is that we would never steal your game. Thanks!