Customer Support

If you need to contact us for customer support issues, please send us an email to Please include a photograph of the damaged item (or if missing, no need but please be detailed in your response) along with your shipping address so we can get a replacement out to you.

Please include your name, address (in case we need to send you a replacement part), telephone (if you feel it’s necessary) and the nature of the issue.

Replacement Parts/Returns and Exchanges – We offer replacement components that are missing or due to damage during production within 14 days of purchase from an authorized reseller. We do not offer refunds or exchanges. If you have an issue with one of our games we ask that you contact us and not attempt to return the game to the store you purchased it at.

  • Wooden components – We will gladly send a replacement of a wooden component if markings are missing or a chunk is broken off which affects your gameplay. However due to the natural variations and imperfections in a wooden component, some deviations should be tolerated (i.e. – an etching on a die that’s slightly misaligned, a small gap, hole, or chip in a meeple).
  • Printed components – Cards, punch-board tokens, etc – If one of these components is affecting gameplay, we will replace it. However, with all board games, you must expect some minor imperfections such as slightly off-centered pieces, small gouges or white marks, etc.
  • Boxes – Boxes are your representation of your game in your library, we realize that you wish your box is in pristine shape! We will replace a box that may have large rips or tears but the cost to replace this is extremely expensive to us, let alone a small company such as ours. We ask that you be extremely judicious about asking for a replacement for a box. If there is a small gouge or ding, we can’t honor that. But a decent size rip or tear, we will absolutely consider.

Price Matching – We do not offer price-matching from other retailers. We do not offer price adjustments based on our own sale prices. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Sending replacement parts overseas – While we will send a replacement part overseas, we ask that you double-check and really make sure that you need a replacement component. Shipping is extremely expensive, especially internationally outside of the US!