Jackpot Payout

Is Lady Luck on Your Side?

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The race is on to drain the casino of its last penny. The casino’s slot machines are hot! But you aren’t the only one to realize this. Apply smart decision-making while getting a little help from Lady Luck to make the house go broke! Claim victory over the other gamblers (and the house) by walking away with the most coins! Jackpot Payout combines the wild swings of fortune of slot machines with player-driven choices of deck-building games. Hit a jackpot by matching symbols on all three cards in play. Cards are worth their value in coins, but each card can only be scored once. The game ends with a final jackpot round where players can chain multiple jackpots together! Can you hit the jackpot and win the payout?

Concluzio - Available now!

Put Your Deduction Skills to the Test in Concluzio

Put your deduction skills to the test in the family-friendly card game, Concluzio! Race against your opponents and be the first player to correctly guess your secret clue card. Use logic and reasoning to correctly figure out the shape, number, and color of your secret card. Tension and panic will set in as players acquire more cards, signaling that someone is close to coming to a conclusion. Will you take a risk and guess early? Or will you acquire more cards to make your guess more certain? If you guess correctly, you win! If you’re wrong, you’re out!

Stroll with us - Seven Bridges

Stroll-and-Write Your Way Through Königsberg – Seven Bridges is now available!

SEVEN BRIDGES is a roll-and-write dice drafting game in which players explore the historic city of Königsberg by coloring in connecting streets on their map. Points are earned by seeing different parts of the city, but the various ways to earn these points are only unlocked by crossing the city’s seven bridges. Six dice are rolled at the beginning of each turn, and each player drafts the roads from one of these onto their map. Should they select the one that lets them travel furthest, or the one that points them in the right direction? After five rounds, the player who tallies the most points wins! SEVEN BRIDGES stands out from most other roll-and-write games because it includes a map of a real-world city created by a professional cartographer! The elements of the game itself have been cleverly ‘superimposed’ onto the map as an overprint, a technique once used to update or repurpose outdated maps.

The Abandons is now available!

Will You Make it Out Alive?

The Abandons is a press-your-luck game of exploration meant to be played alone. You will traverse the twists and turns of the labyrinth in the hopes of making it out alive. Be careful, your next turn may be your last – and you shall forever be abandoned! The goal of The Abandons is to make it out of the maze alive by reaching the exit before you’ve reached too many dead ends and have no way out!

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