We’re rebranding ourselves and our company focus. Back in 2014, Puzzling Pixel LLC was formed as a mobile app, web site development and mobile game company. The company has been stagnant over the past few years with the goal of owning a prosperous development firm becoming more distant. The ultimate goal of Puzzling Pixel was to do development for clients and release mobile games at the same time in the hope that the mobile game revenue would be enough that I could stop client work. The name Puzzling Pixel was created with gaming in mind. The name has a better ring to it in regard to gaming, wouldn’t you agree? I think that’s where I need to take things.

Board Games

Board games is my primary hobby. I love board games so much, pretty much every aspect of it. I’ve wanted to get involved in the board game industry for years. I have a plethora of game ideas in notebooks but nothing ever came from them. I want that to change.

I currently testing a game I designed. It’s a small and light game. I need to be realistic and start small. The goal is to build confidence in other designers so I can build a relationship with them and publish their games.

Design Studio for Gaming and Graphics

Since I’m so steeped in my love for games and I do art and graphics – I am also utilizing my services under Puzzling Pixel as a design studio for board games, video games and any other sort of game.

So what’s going on right now?

Right now, I’m still doing web work for clients but I’m trying to ween off of that and focus more on the table top gaming. I made the decision to remove the existing content on this site that involved software development and force myself to turn the site into a board game company. It’s a mental thing…It’s a perception thing. I’m doing it as motivation to myself to get this board game thing going.

I will soon be removing all the content from the Puzzling Pixel social media accounts and turning the content into board game content.

Are you a game designer?

Send us a sell sheet on your game (example sell sheet resource) and visit our game submission page!


If you’re a publisher and are looking for a partner as a US based publisher, contact us.

And another thing to note: It can be very likely that we’ll want to re-theme and re-name your game…